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Since 1977, Parsec has offered the highest quality range of watch repair services in the country.

Anybody can change a watch battery? Don’t believe it. Proper cell replacement involves more than simply popping out a cell and putting one in the movement. We receive watches everyday that been damaged by unskilled cell replacement operations, including, replacing capacitors with cells, bending or breaking contacts, inserting cells improperly (even upside-down!), or simply using the wrong cell. Send your watch to the experts.
In one project alone our technicians changed cells in nearly 400,000 watches at the rate of 40,000 per week. (And, not in bulk trays. These were watches in their display boxes that had to go back into their own boxes!) It would be nearly impossible for any service to have more experience changing cells than Parsec. In our nearly 40 years of service our technicians have changed literally millions of watch batteries. Do not trust your watch or watches to unskilled battery change operations.
Welds so precise, our techs can hold two BB’s together in their fingertips and weld them together without burning their fingers! Rarely do watch repair facilities have skilled jewelers on staff. Our experienced jewelers use top-of-the-line Laser welders to repair clasps, bracelets, case lugs, even some internal movement parts with unparalleled skill.
Parsec’s staff has over 365 years of watch repair bench experience including watchmakers skilled and certified in a wide range of mechanical movement servicing, including everything from fashion watches up to the latest mechanical, high-line precision marvels and vintage timepieces.
Parsec purchased Denver Dial in 1988 and has been imprinting dials ever since, for individuals, schools, businesses and other institutions. Manual and semi-automatic presses, in-house die creation, and art prep and experienced watch techs to remove and replace assembled units with precision hand setting. The dial is the face of your watch. Treat with care.
Another service too often performed by unskilled retailer operations. This process is often performed poorly, resulting in broken case lugs, scratched casebacks and cases, broken links, missing pins, and the list goes on. Parsec has changed bands on 100’s of thousands of watches for individuals and manufacturer/importers. Trust your treasure to the experts.
Jewelry Repair and Watch repair are not the same. We know the difference. And, we do both. Parsec has professionally trained and experienced jewelers on staff.
Whether you want one watch cleaned and polished or you need thousands of shop worn stock watches or returns transformed to “as new” condition, our team can provide the help you need. Our facility has two rooms dedicated specifically to buffing and polishing equipment used by our highly skilled refurbishing team to put your watch or your stock, back into shape.
Having your in-warranty watch repaired by unauthorized services or unqualified watchmakers can void your warranty. Parsec provides warranty service on a wide range of major brands. Check out our current list. Watch warranties vary widely. Be sure to review your watch warranty closely when you purchase your watch. Call our customer service department if you have any questions.
All watches are not created equal. Chronographs can raise the level of complexity dramatically requiring a higher level of expertise and experience to repair, adjust and lubricate. Proper lubrication amounts (it is just as bad to use too much as to use too little), types and methods are extremely important to the proper repair of the modern chronograph and these processes and products change frequently. Be sure your watch is serviced by watchmakers familiar with the latest processes. You can trust Parsec’s team.
Parsec provides manufacturer-trained and certified computerized engraving of casebacks, bracelets, clasps and more. Unique text? Half-tone images? We got it covered. Have a complex job? Call for more information.
Parsec has been cutting custom shaped crystals for decades. This allows us to provide crystals for vintage watches and out-of-production styles where others cannot. Utilizing 3 Kronoglas machines and several manual grinders we have fit literally thousands of unique watches that otherwise would have been unwearable.
Watches from the mid to late 1800’s are repaired at Parsec on a regular basis. Our (four) parts departments, team of watchmakers and technicians and jewelers combine to find or fabricate parts long out of production to make your family heirloom whole and workable once again.
WRT is truly a science and an art! This is one of the most important skill sets within a service center. Parsec has unequalled experience in Water Resistance Testing. Sport watches and uniquely shaped pieces, helium release valves, operational pushers, all present enormous challenges for testing and repair of water resistance issues. Parsec was the sole North American service facility for Nike Timing for as long as Nike sold running/sport watches resulting in a vast array of variations of test methods. Hundreds and hundreds of watches each week are tested for water resistancy using 8 different water testing machines including the Roxer certified to 150 ATM! . (Properly performed the Roxer test procedure can take over 3 hours.) Ask for the “tape”, to see how your watch fared in the test process (not available for the Roxer).
When Parsec was founded in 1977 we started as specialists in LED and LCD watches. Obviously, we’ve expanded our skill set dramatically, but it cannot be denied that when it comes to electronic watches, all the way back to the original Hamilton Pulsar and Casio databanks and the Sanyo Banana watches, no service comes close to being able to work on older, as well as current, LCD and LED styles. We still see the old Pulsars regularly. We have provided repair services to brands that often focused on these types, such as Armitron, Adidas, Casio, Nike, Mio, and frankly too many others to even list.
Need to know if you watch or watches are the real deal. Our techs, with over 360 years of bench experience including virtually every major brand, can provide you with piece of mind.

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