About Us

Quartz Revolution

The beginning of a horological revolution in the mid-1970's...

The quartz watch revolution caught much of the service industry by surprise, and many were slow to catch up. Parsec Enterprises, inc. specialized in servicing the modern electronic watches from virtually the beginning of this horological revolution in the mid-1970's.

The vast diversity of watches today requires an unprecedented array of specialized tools, techniques, and equipment to meet the challenge. Parsec not only has these tools, but actually developed many of the techniques now used by watchmakers and technicians worldwide.

What We Do

Providing comprehensive watch repair services since 1977

Parsec has provided comprehensive repair services to major retailers, world famous watch manufacturers, and individual watch owners, on the widest range of watch types and brands.  

Volume services have included cell change projects of over 365,000 in a six month period, a refurbishing project of 80,000 watches, and dial imprinting for one company in excess of 10,000 pcs. and many  thousands of smaller projects as well.

Parsec has been in vanguard of modern quartz watch repair since the mid-1970s, and yet has provided services on rare vintage timepieces with values in excess of $225,000 each.  Whether you have one prized watch or represent a manufacturer needing warranty program maintenance of an entire brand, Parsec has the experience and expertise to meet and exceed your watch repair needs.

Our Facility

State of the art watch repair facility, located in Peoria, IL

The watch repair facility of the 21st century must have a vast array of prime horological equipment. Stereo microscopes, digital timers, cleaning equipment, frequency counters are common.

Parsec Enterprise, inc.

Located in central Illinois, Parsec's facility is one of the largest dedicated repair centers in the continental United States.

At Parsec we have six 10 to 20 ATM water resistance test machines, a laser welder, computerized engraving equipment, manual and semi-automatic dial imprinting machines, plating equipment, specialize cleaning and refurbishing equipment and an array of timing and analysis equipment to tackle the most difficult repair tasks in the most efficient and effective manner.

AND 40 years of expertise that accrues to over 365 years of combined bench experience!  

Trusted by top manufacturers world-wide...
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